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After we arrived at the Outdoor Adventure centre, the children settled themselves into their rooms and prepared themselves for their first activities. A group of children peeled on wetsuits for bodyboarding, others modelled helmets in preparation for their 80ft abseil and the remainder worked on their team building skills through a variety of fun activities. 

Dinner was greatly welcomed before our nighttime activities began: A torch lit walk across the coastal path and a variety of games to decide who made the championing super team. 

We are all looking forward to what the next day can offer us....

Diary Entry 1: 09.10.17

activities; wetsuits; abseiling; team building; coast

Year 6 Camp (2017/18)

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A Full Diary and Photo Gallery of our Outdoor Adventure.

Waking up hearing the sound of roaring waves was a thrill for Year 6 as they began to get geared up ready for their next lot of activities. For some it was body boarding, abseiling for others and a spot of canoeing for the rest. The waves were strong but that only meant there were more waves to catch!

Some were made to walk the plank from the Canoes into the canal after a competitive game aboard whilst others descended the coastal cliff drop onto Widemouth Bay. After now having filled up on spaghetti bolognese and chocolate cake the children are getting excited for their nighttime activities ahead!

Diary Entry 2: 10.10.17

roaring waves; canoeing; walk the plank; chocolate cake!

The grey clouds rolled in and the heavens opened above Widemouth Bay this morning. Groups were beaten by the south westerly winds as they attempted to kayak and canoe up the canal. Surfers were hit with sheets of rain as they attempted to try their hands at surfing, but found themselves enjoying the thrill of body boarding instead and wet weather archery and beach art was a real test on the children’s stamina. 

Thankfully, a warming roast chicken dinner followed by chocolate profiteroles helped to warm us all back up a the sun shone before it set!

Diary Entry 3: 11.10.17

winds; rain; kayaking; body boarding; archery; beach art

The sun shone down on us in Bude all day and it was beautiful. Body boarders caught some epic waves, kayakers enjoyed a sunny paddle down the canal whilst others descended an 80ft cliff onto black rock beach.

The camp fire is currently burning on our final night and the children are very excited for the disco..!

Diary Entry 4: 12.10.17

sun; bude; epic waves; paddle; beach; camp fire; disco!