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Previous Year 4 work from...2016/17

Miss R. Vaughan; Miss A. Treharne; Mr D. Clinton

Year 4 - Term 6 - Take Away Homework

09.06.17: Term 6

Take Away Homework

Year 4 - Term 6 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

09.06.17: Term 6

Newsletter & CC

19.09.16: Our Class Charters

Class 4A

Class 4B

Class 4B - Golden Rules and Class Charter Year 4 - Annual Overview of Skills

Year 4 Annual

Overview Of Skills

Term 1 content...

Year 4 - Classroom Pets - 13th September ‘16

17.09.16: All Terms
Year 4 Curriculum Map

Class 4A - Golden Rules and Class Charter

01.10.16. States of Matter. In science, we have been learning all about the states of matter.

We investigated what would happen to a solid if it was heated. We used a Smartie and hot water to observe what would happen.

Have a look at the pictures to see us investigating...

Year 4 Science Investigation

01.10.16.  Marshmallow Challenge! Miss Vaughan, Mr Clinton and Miss Treharne set us a challenge to build a structure out of spaghetti that would hold a marshmallow.

The tallest structure would be the winner. We used our team building skills and creativity to build the structure.

Have a look at the photos of us taking up the challenge...

Year 4 Marshmallow Challenge

01.10.16.  Snakes and Ladders! At the beginning of this term, we used our knowledge of place value to create mathematically themed questions to use in a game of snakes and ladders.

We made and tested the games and then gave them to year 3 to test their knowledge!

Have a look at the photos of us testing the game...

Year 4 Snakes & Ladders y4_snakes_ladders_1617_02.JPG y4_snakes_ladders_1617_03.JPG y4_snakes_ladders_1617_04.JPG y4_snakes_ladders_1617_05.JPG y4_snakes_ladders_1617_06.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_02.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_03.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_04.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_05.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_06.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_07.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_08.JPG y4_marshmallow_1617_09.JPG y4_science_1617_02.JPG y4_science_1617_03.JPG y4_science_1617_04.JPG y4_science_1617_05.JPG y4_science_1617_06.JPG

08.10.16: All Terms
Maths Class Assessments

08.10.16: All Terms
Writing Class Assessments

30.10.16. What Year 4 got up to in Term 1!

Take a look at this video to have a quick look at some of the things we got up to in term 1 of year 4. We are looking forward to the rest of the year! 

30.10.16.  At the end of term, year 4 took part in the Creative Day.

We had to design and create an outfit for Miss Bertham and Mr McGovern to wear to a grand teachers ball. We used recycled materials to create the outfits. As a year group we tried to use sweets, snacks and chocolate wrappers to create the outfits.

Take a look at some photos showing the process...

Year 4 Creative Day y4_creative_day_1617_02.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_03.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_04.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_05.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_06.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_07.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_08.JPG y4_creative_day_1617_09.JPG Year 4 - Term 1 - Pick and Mix Homework - Dragons in Downend

11.09.16: Term 1 Pick n Mix

Coming Soon

Year 4 - Term 1 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

11.09.16: Term 1

Newsletter & CC

Term 2 content...

Year 4 Roman Visit - 16th November ‘16

21.11.16. In year 4, we now have a praise pod. This is an area where the children can come and express how impressed they have been by some of their fellow classmates.

Every week, 2 children are nominated to be the focus of the praise pod and at the end of the week they will get to read and hear all of the fantastic things that children have been saying about them...

Year 4 Praise Pod Year 4 - Term 2 - Pick and Mix Homework - Rampaging Romans

08.11.16: Term 2 Pick n Mix

Rampaging Romans

Year 4 - Term 2 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

03.11.16: Term 2

Newsletter & CC

Term 3 content...

Term 5 content...

Year 4 - Term 3 - Pick and Mix Homework

06.01.17: Term 3 Pick n Mix

Rampaging Romans

Year 4 - Term 3 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

06.01.17: Term 3

Newsletter & CC

Year 4 - The Body Coach Video on Stanbridge TV - 31st March ‘17

Parents Guide: Take Away and Set Menu Home Learning - 27th February ‘17

Term 4 content...

Year 4 - Term 4 - Take Away Homework

25.02.17: Term 4

Take Away Homework

Year 4 - Term 4 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

28.02.17: Term 4

Newsletter & CC

Term 6 content...

Year 4 - Term 5 - Take Away Homework

28.04.17: Term 5

Take Away Homework

Year 4 - Term 5 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

28.04.17: Term 5

Newsletter & CC

Year 4 - Stomp Performance - 23rd June ‘17

Year 4 - End of Year Mementos: Tea Towels - 12th June ‘17

Year 2 Olympiad

09.07.17. Year 4 Camp Out written by Ysabelle and Isaac.

On Thursday 29th June Year 4 camped out on the school field. We had the most amazing time, even though it rained a little bit.

On Thursday we set up the camp which was pretty tricky. Following that we  began our activities, such as lighting fires, cooking bread and making kites. Our favourite activity was lighting the fire because it is not something we can usually do. Especially in school!

Click the pic for more

On Thursday evening we had a BBQ! It was super tasty! A big thank you to Mrs Fishlock and all of the Stanbridge Team who helped to cook!

Later on Thursday evening we sang songs around the camp fire. It was great fun, we even danced to one of the songs.

Then came bed time and the rain! Everyone went to sleep straight away, of course!  ;)

On Friday morning we all woke up super early! Some pupils even woke up at 5:30! We had lots of fun eating breakfast and making bread.

Thank you to Tom, Josh, Afro and Jazz (The team who helped us camp) and to every adult who stayed! You are all amazing!

y4_campout_1617_02.jpg y4_campout_1617_03.jpg