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Welcome to Year 3...

Miss L. Thomas; Miss M. Downes

Year 3 - Term 1 - Take Away Homework

07.09.17: Term 1

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 2 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

02.11.17: Term 2

Newsletter & CC

19.09.16: Our Class Charters

Class 3A - Golden Rules and Class Charter

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 3B - Golden Rules and Class Charter Year 3 - Annual Overview of Skills

Year 3 Annual

Overview Of Skills

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Year 2015/16
Year 2014/15

Term 1 content...

21.09.17: All Terms
Year 3 Curriculum Map

21.09.17: All Terms
Maths Class Assessments

21.09.17: All Terms
Writing Class Assessments


09.10.17. Here are a few pictures from year 3's visit to the life bus last week.

We had a great visit and learned a lot of new things including: how messages are passed between the brain and our body and how to be good friends  

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

05.10.17. Thank you to the year 3 children for some fantastic pieces of homework. The have been making models of different biomes  

y3_life_bus_1718_02.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_03.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_04.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_05.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_06.JPG y3_biomes_1718_02.JPG y3_biomes_1718_03.JPG y3_biomes_1718_04.JPG Year 3 Spelling poster

20.10.17: Term 1

Spelling poster

Master Class Model 2017/18

31.10.17: Term 1

Master Class Model 17/18

Year 3 - Term 1 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

12.09.17: Term 1

Newsletter & CC

Term 2 content...


10.11.17. We are proud of our Stone Age cave paintings in Year 3. We hope you like them too!

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