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Previous Year 2 work from...2017/18

Miss L. Thomas; Miss M. Downes

Year 3 - Term 6 - Take Away Homework

07.06.18: Term 6

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 6 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

07.06.18: Term 6

Newsletter & CC

19.09.16: Our Class Charters

Class 3A - Golden Rules and Class Charter

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 3B - Golden Rules and Class Charter Year 3 - Annual Overview of Skills

Year 3 Annual

Overview Of Skills

Term 1 content...

21.09.17: All Terms
Year 3 Curriculum Map

21.09.17: All Terms
Maths Class Assessments

21.09.17: All Terms
Writing Class Assessments


09.10.17. Here are a few pictures from year 3's visit to the life bus last week.

We had a great visit and learned a lot of new things including: how messages are passed between the brain and our body and how to be good friends  

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

05.10.17. Thank you to the year 3 children for some fantastic pieces of homework. The have been making models of different biomes  

y3_life_bus_1718_02.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_03.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_04.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_05.JPG y3_life_bus_1718_06.JPG y3_biomes_1718_02.JPG y3_biomes_1718_03.JPG y3_biomes_1718_04.JPG Year 3 Spelling poster

20.10.17: Term 1

Spelling poster

Master Class Model 2017/18

31.10.17: Term 1

Master Class Model 17/18

Year 3 - Term 1 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

12.09.17: Term 1

Newsletter & CC

Term 2 content...


10.11.17. We are proud of our Stone Age cave paintings in Year 3. We hope you like them too!

Click the picture on the right to view larger  

Term 3 content...

Year 3 - Term 2 - Take Away Homework

02.11.17: Term 2

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 2 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

02.11.17: Term 2

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 - Term 1 - Take Away Homework

07.09.17: Term 1

Take Away Homework


18.01.18. As part of our topic about the Stone Age, we have been learning all about Stonehenge. We made information leaflets in English and then put together a green screen performance. We hope you enjoy learning all about Stonehenge.

Click the pic to view some exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ photos of Year 3 filming their green screen performances!

Visit our Stanbridge TV page to see our full Stonehenge video!

y3_stone_age_02_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_03_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_04_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_05_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_06_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_07_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_08_1718.JPG y3_stone_age_09_1718.JPG y3_magnets_1718_01.JPG

29.01.18. Year 3 have been enjoying some experiments to find out what materials are magnetic and also to test the strength of different magnets.

Click the picture on the right to view larger  

y3_magnets_1718_02.JPG y3_magnets_1718_03.JPG y3_magnets_1718_04.JPG

06.02.18. It's Children's Mental Health Week and in 3A we are celebrating being ourselves. Every day, we will do an activity which aids good mental health.

Day 1: ‘Take Time Out’

We enjoyed some time to ourselves to complete some mindfulness colouring.

Day 2: ‘Fitness’

We took 20 minutes out to complete a Joe Wicks school workout. It boosted all of our moods and I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight.

Day 3: ‘Spend Time With Friends’

We took time out to spend it with our friends. Miss Thomas let us choose an activity or game to play in class.

Click the picture on the right to view larger  

y3_mental_health_1718_01.JPG y3_mental_health_1718_02.JPG y3_mental_health_1718_03.JPG y3_mental_health_1718_04.jpg y3_mental_health_1718_05.JPG y3_mental_health_1718_06.JPG bronze_age_1718.JPG

12.02.18. Wow! We are very impressed with these pieces of homework. The children have made their very own Bronze Age home.

Click the picture on the right to view larger  

Term 4 content...

Year 3 - Term 3 - Take Away Homework

05.01.18: Term 3

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 3 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

05.01.18: Term 3

Newsletter & CC

19.03.18: Term 4
Fun in the Snow!

y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_01.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_02.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_03.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_04.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_05.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_06.jpeg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_07.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_08.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_09.jpg y3_fun_in_the_snow_1718_10.jpg

Term 6 content...

Year 3 - Term 4 - Take Away Homework

25.02.18: Term 4

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 4 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

25.02.18: Term 4

Newsletter & CC

25.04.18: Term 5
Shadow Search in Science!

y3_shadow_1718_01.jpg y3_shadow_1718_02.jpg y3_shadow_1718_03.jpg y3_shadow_1718_04.jpg y3_shadow_1718_05.jpg y3_shadow_1718_06.jpg y3_shadow_1718_07.jpg y3_djembe_1718_01.jpg

02.05.18. Year 3 have started a 10 week DJEMBE workshop and we are thoroughly enjoying it.

We look forward to sharing this with parents for a final performance.

Click the picture on the right to view larger  

y3_djembe_1718_02.jpg y3_djembe_1718_03.jpg y3_djembe_1718_04.jpg y3_archery_1718_01.jpg

18.05.18. What a beautiful day for Year 3 to enjoy an archery workshop.

Well done to Dahl for winning the competition and to Sophie for hitting the target every time!  

Click on the pictures to see some actions shots!  

y3_archery_1718_02.jpg y3_archery_1718_03.jpg y3_archery_1718_04.jpg y3_archery_1718_05.jpg y3_archery_1718_06.jpg y3_archery_1718_07.jpg y3_archery_1718_08.jpg

Term 5 content...

Year 3 - Term 5 - Take Away Homework

15.04.18: Term 5

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 5 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

18.04.18: Term 5

Newsletter & CC