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Previous Year 3 work from...2016/17

Miss L. Thomas; Miss M. Downes; Miss E. Harris

Year 3 - Term 6 - Take Away Homework

09.06.17: Term 6

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 6 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

09.06.17: Term 6

Newsletter & CC

19.09.16: Our Class Charters

Class 3A - Golden Rules and Class Charter

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 3B - Golden Rules and Class Charter Year 3 - Annual Overview of Skills

Year 3 Annual

Overview Of Skills

Term 1 content...

17.09.16: All Terms
Year 3 Curriculum Map

04.10.16.  As you know from our parent meeting, we have been exploring various team teacher models.

The children rotate around different learning stations in the classroom and ALL have the opportunity to work with an adult.

The photo to the right is an example of station teaching...

Year 3 Station Teaching

04.10.16.  We are about to start writing a non-chronological report all about a biome!

We looked at some examples from last year and identified the features of a non-chronological report. We can't wait to share the final outcomes of our own work.

Click the photo to the right to see more of us at work...

Year 3 Biome Report y3_biome_1617_02.JPG y3_biome_1617_03.JPG y3_biome_1617_04.JPG y3_biome_1617_05.JPG Year 3A Pupil Leaders Year 3B Pupil Leaders

08.10.16.  Year 3 celebrated the children who were awarded with pupil leadership roles.

They certainly all look very pleased!

Click the photo to the right to see our new Pupil Leaders...

Class 3A Pupil Leaders

Class 3B Pupil Leaders

08.10.16.  The life bus has been to Stanbridge. We learnt all about the brain and how it sends messages to our body

We also learned about keeping our brain and bodies happy and healthy. Then we talked about the qualities of a good friend and advised somebody from the life bus how to be a better friend.

Here are a few pictures from year 3's visit. ...

Year 3 Life Bus y3_lifebus_1617_02.JPG y3_lifebus_1617_03.JPG y3_lifebus_1617_04.JPG y3_lifebus_1617_05.JPG y3_lifebus_1617_06.JPG

Year 3 - Term 1 Spellings - 22nd September ‘16

08.10.16: All Terms
Maths Class Assessments

08.10.16: All Terms
Writing Class Assessments

08.10.16.  Here are some examples of station teaching in 3A.

Station 1 worked with Miss Thomas- halving big numbers like 300, 500, 700 & 900. Station 2 worked with Miss Harris – halving numbers using partitioning. Station 3 and 4 worked independently solving mental addition and subtraction questions.

Here are a few pictures from year 3A's learning...

Year 3 Station Teaching 2 y3a_stat_teach_1617_02.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_03.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_04.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_05.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_06.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_07.JPG y3a_stat_teach_1617_08.JPG

13.10.16.  More examples of station teaching, this time in 3B.

Here are a few pictures from year 3B's learning...

Year 3 Station Teaching 2 y3b_stat_teach_1617_02.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_03.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_04.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_05.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_06.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_07.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_08.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_09.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_10.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_11.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_12.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_13.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_14.JPG y3b_stat_teach_1617_15.JPG

13.10.16.  We are coming to the end of our ‘biome adventures’ topic.

We have produced our final oil pastel pictures, using the marine biome as a focus. Here are some pictures by 3A (3B will be adding theirs very shortly).

Click the photo to the right to see more of 3A’s biome work...

Year 3 Biome Report y3_biome2_1617_02.JPG y3_biome2_1617_03.JPG y3_biome2_1617_04.JPG y3_biome2_1617_05.JPG y3_biome2_1617_06.JPG y3_biome2_1617_07.JPG

23.10.16.  We had a fabulous day for our CD day. Here are our models from the 'Trashion Show'.

Year 3 worked brilliantly together yesterday. They designed outfits, made outfits, wrote a speech and came up with a chant.

Click on the photo to the right to view their brilliant designs...

Year 3 Station Teaching

13.10.16.  Come to our class assembly on Tuesday 1st November where all will be revealed.
Click on the photo

Year 3 - Term 1 Pick and Mix Homework - Biomes

11.09.16: Term 1 Pick n Mix


Year 3 - Term 1 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

11.09.16: Term 1

Newsletter & CC

Term 2 content...

08.11.16. Last term, our topic was all about biomes. We wrote poems, (inspired by Kit Wright ‘The Magic Box’) about things we would like to put in our box from a biome.

A selection of children filmed a section of their poem, using green screen technology 

Year 3 - Term 1: Poems about Biomes Year 3 Station Teaching 2 Merry Christmas from 3A

07.12.16. Merry Christmas from 3A!

22.11.16. Wearing spots for

Children in Need.

Click the photo for more.

Click the pic for more

Year 3 - Term 2 Pick and Mix Homework - Life in the Stone Age

08.11.16: Term 2 Pick n Mix

Life in the Stone Age

Year 3 - Term 2 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

03.11.16: Term 2

Newsletter & CC

Term 3 content...

19.01.17. We produced information leaflets all about Stonehenge.

Some of us produced them on Microsoft Publisher. Below are some examples from 3A & 3B. For maximum compatibility, they have also been converted to PDF files…

Stonehenge by Annie  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Annie  (PDF)

Stonehenge by Holly  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Holly  (PDF)

Stonehenge by Jamie  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Jamie  (PDF)

Stonehenge by Max  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Max  (PDF)

Stonehenge by Noah  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Noah  (PDF)

Stonehenge by Sofia  (PUB)

Stonehenge by Sofia  (PDF)

20.01.17. In continuing our topic about the Stone Age, Year 3 have been planning, writing and finally performing their very own play scripts all about Stonehenge.

Click on the photos to see the children in action!

We look forward to sharing our final films with you shortly.

Year 3 Station Teaching y3_stonehenge_play_1617_02.JPG y3_stonehenge_play_1617_03.JPG y3_stonehenge_play_1617_04.JPG y3_stonehenge_play_1617_05.JPG

Year 3 - Our Stone Age Video on Stanbridge TV - 1st February ‘17

Term 5 content...

Year 3 - Term 3 Pick and Mix Homework

06.01.17: Term 3 Pick n Mix

Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 3 - Term 3 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

06.01.17: Term 3

Newsletter & CC

Parents Guide: Take Away and Set Menu Home Learning - 27th February ‘17

Term 4 content...

Year 3 - Term 4 - Take Away Homework

25.02.17: Term 4

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 4 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

28.02.17: Term 4

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

28.04.17. We are very excited in Year 3 because we have just started a 10 week Djembe workshop.

At the end of the 10 weeks we will be inviting you all in to watch a special performance.

Click on the pic to the right to see some recent workshop photos!

y3_djembe_1617_02.JPG y3_djembe_1617_03.JPG y3_djembe_1617_04.JPG y3_djembe_1617_05.JPG y3_djembe_1617_06.JPG y3_djembe_1617_07.JPG y3_djembe_1617_08.JPG y3_djembe_1617_09.JPG y3_djembe_1617_10.JPG

Term 6 content...

Year 3 - Term 5 - Take Away Homework

28.04.17: Term 5

Take Away Homework

Year 3 - Term 5 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

28.04.17: Term 5

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

12.06.17. Year 3 enjoyed an archery competition today

y3_archery_1617_02.JPG y3_archery_1617_03.JPG y3_archery_1617_04.JPG y3_archery_1617_05.JPG

Year 3 - Djembe Performance - 23rd June ‘17

Year 3 - End of Year Mementos: Tea Towels - 12th June ‘17

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

30.06.17. Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Mojo Active.

In the morning we took part in a variety of activities linked to our topic: China.

This included climbing the ‘Hay bale great wall of China’; Orienteering to find out facts about China and a battle on the hay bale great wall of China.

After a break for lunch, we then took part in a variety of team building activities. We all had a fantastic day!

y3_mojo_trip_1617_02.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_03.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_04.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_05.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_06.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_07.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_08.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_09.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_10.JPG y3_mojo_trip_1617_11.JPG

Click the pic to see more

Year 3 Djembe Workshop

24.07.17. This term, we have been busy on a DT project making a moving information book all about China.

First we practised making the moving mechanisms and did our research for the book.

We have then spent all week making our books. We have all worked incredibly hard in order to create a high quality book.

Click the pic to see more

y3_china_project_1617_02.JPG y3_china_project_1617_03.JPG y3_china_project_1617_04.JPG y3_china_project_1617_05.JPG y3_china_project_1617_06.JPG y3_china_project_1617_07.JPG