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Previous Year 3 work from...2015/16

Ms Thomas (3A); Ms Miller (3B); Ms Bowman (3B)

Year 3 - Term 6 Pick and Mix Homework - Cheeky China

10.06.16: Term 6 Pick n Mix

Cheeky China

Year 3 - Term 6 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

10.06.16: Term 6

Newsletter & CC

Our Class Charters

Class 3A - Golden Rules and Class Charter

Class 3A

Class 3B

Class 3B - Golden Rules and Class Charter

Term 4 content...

Year 3 - Annual Overview of Skills

Year 3 Annual

Overview Of Skills

Term 2 content...

Year 3 - Value of Numbers

26.09.15: Term 1
Value of Numbers


26.09.15: Nexus Assessments
Writing Stage 3

26.09.15: Nexus Assessments
Maths Stage 3

Nexus Maths Assessment - Stage 3

© These Nexus Assessments may be viewed but must not be reproduced or used in any way without written permission from the school.

Term 1 content...

Year 3 - Term 1 Pick and Mix Homework - I Am Amazing

Term 1 Pick n Mix

I Am Amazing

Year 3 - Term 1 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

Term 1

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 - French

18.11.15: Term 2
Value of Numbers

y3_french_1516_02.JPG y3_french_1516_04.JPG y3_french_1516_06.jpg y3_french_1516_07.JPG y3_french_1516_08.JPG Year 3 - Term 2 - Spelling List

23.11.15: Term 2

Spelling List

06.12.15. Concrete Mathematics. In Year 3 we have been learning about concrete mathematics to deepen our understanding of numbers. It has helped us in our addition.

Please watch the video to watch Freya and Darcie from 3A explaining an addition sum involving regrouping (which you may know as ‘carrying’ or ‘borrowing’ ones). (Video Running Time: 2 mins 22 secs).

Year 3 - Concrete Mathematics Year Rec - Presentation - Phonics, Writiing and Assessment in the Early years

06.12.15. Spelling Log Books. This term, Year 3 have started to use their Read Write Inc spelling booklets. This means that as well as the overarching 10 termly spellings, they will also be learning new spelling patterns in school weekly.

The children have one booklet that is kept in school and a small log book which should come home with them and be returned back into school daily. During each unit, the children will choose 5 or 6 words to log and learn. These will be words that they find difficult to spell.

Click the pic to view examples of Spelling Log Books

The children should then take home their blue log books to learn their spellings for that specific unit.

When we start the next unit, we begin with a speed spell where the children are tested on the most difficult words from the previous unit.

Any incorrect spellings will also be written in their blue log books.

y3_spelling_log_books_02.JPG y3_spelling_log_books_03.JPG Year 3 - Christmas Message

18.12.15. A Happy Christmas from 3A. Miss Thomas is very impressed with the children's attitude to learning this term and hopes for it to continue in the new year.

Click on the link to the right to see 3A’s Christmas message. (Video Running Time: 7 secs).

Have a Wonderful break.

Year 3 - Term 2 Pick and Mix Homework - Past, Present & Future

10.11.15: Term 2 Pick n Mix

Past, Present & Future

Year 3 - Term 2 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

6.11.15: Term 2

Newsletter & CC

08.01.16. Welcome back! We have been very busy already this week and have even learned and perfected a French finger rhyme.

Ask the children what it means and they will be happy to tell you.

Click on the link to the right to hear 3A’s French finger rhyme. (Video Running Time: 11 secs).

18.01.16. The children are learning their 3 times tables. Watch what happens when Miss Thomas shouts ‘Uptown Funk” in the classroom.

Please continue to practice your times tables daily at home.

Term 3 content...

Year 3 Term 4 @Bristol Trip - 19th February ‘16

Year 3 - Term 3 Pick and Mix Homework - Past, Present & Future

08.01.16: Term 3 Pick n Mix

Past, Present & Future

Year 3 - Term 3 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

08.01.16: Term 3

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 - Term 4 Pick and Mix Homework - Poles apart

19.02.16: Term 4 Pick n Mix

Poles apart

Term 5 content...

Year 3 - Term 4 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

20.04.16: Term 4

Newsletter & CC

Year 3 - Value of Numbers

25.04.16. Our new English wall supports our learning throughout a unit of work. The children aim towards having their work chosen for the model of excellence. This will be a piece of work that has been completed to a high standard including all or most of our success criteria.

This week's winner is Jess for writing a brilliant set of instructions. Click on the picture on the right to see a couple of photos which includes our wall.

Who will be our next winner....?

y3_english_wall_1516_02.JPG Year 3 - Value of Numbers

02.05.16. Our guided reading sessions have just become more exciting!

Throughout the session, our teacher is looking for us to provide: points, evidence, explanations and links (PEEL).

If we achieve any of these things, we get a coloured cube. The aim is to collect all four colours in our guided reading session.

Go ahead and ask your child some questions about the book they are reading at home. Don't forget to encourage them to answer using PEEL.

Year 3 Term 6 Swimming - 23rd May ‘16

26.05.16. Thank you to all of the children who participated in the book swap.

We hope you enjoy your new books!

Year 3 - Book Swap Year 3 - Book Swap Year 3 - Book Swap

Term 6 content...

Year 3 - Term 5 Pick and Mix Homework - Poles apart

17.04.16: Term 5 Pick n Mix

Poles apart

Year 3 - Term 5 - Newsletter & Creative Curriculum

20.04.16: Term 5

Newsletter & CC

Years 3A & 3B Learn French on Stanbridge TV - 18th July ‘16

Years 3A & 3B Summer Poems on Stanbridge TV - 29 June ‘16

Year 3A ‘Circus Dress Up Day’ on Stanbridge TV - 19 June ‘16