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Let’s Celebrate!

At Stanbridge we take pride in the quality of our writing. We understand every child’s work can be celebrated for reasons unique to them.

Each term, we will be publishing writing that we are really proud of. We hope you enjoy having a read of a variety of writing across our school.

Chloe (4A)

Term 1 Celebrations - Chloe (4A)

Let’s Celebrate our Term 1 Successes...

Kiera (1B)

Term 1 Celebrations - Kiera (1B)

Amelie (6B)

Term 1 Celebrations - Amelie (1B)

Bronwen (2B)

Term 1 Celebrations - Bronwen (2B)

Henry (3A)

Term 1 Celebrations - Henry (3A)

Kaci (3B)

Term 1 Celebrations - Kaci (3B)

Lucy (1A)

Term 1 Celebrations - Lucy (1A)

Ollie (5A)

Term 1 Celebrations - Ollie (5A)

Phoebe (6A)

Term 1 Celebrations - Phoebe (6A)

Sofia (4B)

Term 1 Celebrations - Sofia (4B)

Let’s Celebrate our Term 2 Successes...

Blaze (RB)

Term 2 Celebrations - Blaze (RB)

Zayn (2A)

Cole (1B)

Nathaniel (1A)

Bronwen (2B)

Tejveer (5A)

Harry (4B)

Hope (3A)

Jayden (3B)

Casey (5B)

Jack (6A)