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Our Governors

Governors are all volunteers who, as the governing body, have a general responsibility, which is defined legally, for the effective management of the school.

The Governors work with the Head Teacher and with South Gloucestershire Education Authority making decisions about the aims, conduct and ethos of the school; curriculum policy, the school budget, the appointment, selection and management of staff, maintenance of school buildings, along with the updating and maintaining of school documents and policies.

The Full Governing Body meet 5 times a year, the Curriculum Committee and Finance Committee both meet five times a year, whilst the Personnel Committee meet 3 times a year. Click on the visual structure of the Governing Body to see the structure and responsibilities of the Governing Body and its Committees.

Click on the Governing Body Committees and Responsibilities to see the make up of our school’s full governing body for the 2017/18 school year.

The Governing Body of Stanbridge Primary School

Full Governing Body Minutes

Associated / Previous Governor Documents


Mon 22nd Jan ‘18

Mon 20th Nov ‘17

Mon 18th Sept ‘17

Governors Register (April ‘15)

Annual Governance Statement for July 2015

Instrument of Government (Mar ‘15)

Roles and Responsibilities of Govenors (Oct ‘14)

Role of the Governing Body (Dec ‘11)

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Meet our new Chair of Governors

Structure of Stanbridge Primary's Governing Body

03.05.17: Click to view 2016/17
Structure of Governing Body

Monday 22nd January 2018

Latest Full Governing Body Minutes 12.06.18

Instrument of Government (Sept 2016)

Latest Associated Governor Documents 03.12.16

Watch the first ever Governor interviews on Stanbridge TV!

A Governor Interview 08.03.17

2017/18 Governing Body Committees and Responsibilities (updated June '18)

12.06.18: Click to view (June ‘18)
Committees & Responsibilities

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Annual Governance Statement for July 2016

Two Co-opted Governors required (Mar ‘15)

NGA Code of Conduct (Mar ‘15)

School Abbreviations & Acronyms (May ‘13)

Annual Governance Statement of the Governing Body of Stanbridge Primary School

Latest Info 18.09.17

Governors play an important role in a school, forming a Governing Body that work with the Head Teacher to shape the strategic direction of the school.

Meet our New Chair of Governors, Claire McKinstry...

What is your background and how long have you been a governor?

I have been a Governor just under 4 years. I applied to be a Parent Governor just after my eldest joined the school in 2013 and joined the team the following January.

I have always lived in Bristol and moved to the local area when I was 8. I went to school locally and to the University of Gloucestershire, where I did my teaching degree. I am now a Primary School Teacher in South Gloucestershire. I am passionate about children receiving an enriched, fun and happy education. I have two children at Stanbridge Primary School and I love being able to support the school they attend.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am an active member of the Stanbridge Fliers running group, I love to run. I run with the Monday morning ‘School Gates’ group and the Wednesday evening group. I also run with my husband and friends several times a week. When I’m at home, I enjoy baking and make cakes for family and friends.

What are your governing responsibilities?

I was voted in as the Chair of Governors in September. I am also the Chair of the Personnel Committee and the EYFS link Governor.

What do you think makes a good school?

I believe a good school is a combination of so many things. But it, without doubt, needs a warm feeling where children feel welcomed and cared for. A creative and exciting curriculum. Team spirit and passion from both the staff and children. High expectations to be the best, supported by an inspirational, motivating and forward thinking group of leaders. A place where children are happy and have the foundations laid for a wonderful future.

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