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Eco Warriors

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At Stanbridge, we take pride in caring for the environment. Every class has elected an Eco Warrior to join the Eco Council. Each member works hard to remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle to ensure we are caring for the environment.

Eco Warriors... encourage us all to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Gardening Volunteers Needed! - 18th September ‘14

Our 2018/19 Eco Warriors have been elected and have already had their first meeting! They are all very keen and enthusiastic about their new role and are going to be working hard to conserve energy and water within their classrooms as well as making sure all children are recycling regularly.

Mimi and Krystie have been chosen to complete the eco classroom checklist for this term. They will be checking to see which classroom keeps their lights and board switched off when the classroom is not in use and making sure the recycling bins are being used correctly. They are excited to see which classroom will get the award at the end of the term!

As part of ‘Switch off fortnight’ in November, the Eco-Warriors ran a competition for the best work in each class that promoted saving energy. The Eco-Warriors also designed a certificate and the winners were presented with these in assembly. Here are a list of the winners and some pictures of their work:

Switch Off Fortnight

Added 12th February 2015

1A Ollie & Neeti

1B Harry & Max

2A Charlotte

2B Oliver

3A Chloe

3B Isobel

4A Alfie, Harley & Maxwell

4B Charlie & Jay

5A Lola

5B Lewys & Tommy

6A Emily

6B Danni & Mia.

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eco_fortnight_1415_01.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_02.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_03.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_04.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_05.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_06.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_07.JPG eco_fortnight_1415_08.JPG

On Tuesday 20th January for Humanities Day, the Humanities team organised ‘FairTrade Day’.

The day started off with an assembly where Miss John, Mr Williams, Miss Goldie, Mrs Ludwig and Mrs Walker acted as members of the banana production line so that the children could see how £1 spent in a supermarket is split  to pay for people's different jobs.

Fun FairTrade Day!

Added 12th February 2015


The children were shocked to learn that only a few pence from every £1 spent in the supermarket reaches the actual banana workers. This lead to an interesting discussion about whether this is fair. Children were introduced to the FairTrade symbol and learned that this shows workers are given a fair wage for their work. To end assembly, each year group was given a FairTrade food which they added to a world map so they could learn where different foods come from.

Throughout the day children took part in many fun FairTrade activities including making FairTrade chocolate crispie cakes in Year 1 & 4, making FairTrade banana splits in Year 2, making FairTrade fruit kebabs in Year 3 and writing and performing FairTrade raps in Years 5 & 6.

Well done to everyone involved! A fun FairTrade Day was had by all!

Over the last two terms, children in year 4 have been working very hard, alongside Mrs French, to develop our allotment area. They have weeded the beds and planted flower bulbs and onions. They are also making leaf mould which will enrich the soil and have now set up our composting scheme. This includes food waste from the kitchen and shredded paper from the office. In addition, they have used bark to prevent weeds growing on the pathways.

The children have really enjoyed learning about the history of allotments and getting their hands dirty! They are all looking forward to seeing our hard work flourish in the spring and to planting some fruit trees and bushes next term.

A big thank you to Mrs French and the allotment masterclass for all their hard work! Pictures to follow…

Stanbridge Eco News!

Added 15th December 2015

On 4th March, our Eco Warriors set off on a very exciting trip to the DUMP! Carymoor Education Centre is based near Castle Cary in Somerset and is located right next to Dimmer Landfill site. After our long, but scenic journey, we were greeted by the faint smell of rubbish. We were told some really interesting, but shocking facts about just how much waste has been buried in the landfill site since it opened - a lot!

Eco Warrior trip to Carymoor Educational Centre.

Added 10th March 2016

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To get to the edge of the landfill, we had to walk through some very deep sticky mud. Only two children fell over and we all had lots of fun. We knew we were getting close when we had to cover our noses. The smell was terrible!

The children decided that the waste was ‘disgusting’, ‘shocking’ and ‘despicable’. We were also lucky enough to see some starling murmurations over the rubbish below.

After lunch, we had to sort our rubbish into different containers: recycle, reuse, compost and rubbish. Although we didn't do brilliantly, we still just got Stanbridge's name on the competition board for who could produce the least rubbish.

Next, we headed to Kroo Bay, a replica shanty town similar to those in Sierra Leone. The houses were so tiny, and barely contained anything. It was quite sobering to think that families live in houses such as these all the time. After some thought provoking discussion, we had to remove our VERY muddy boots and return to school.

Watch our Eco Warriors video on our Stanbridge TV page…

eco_carymoor_1516_02.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_03.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_04.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_05.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_06.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_07.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_08.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_09.JPG eco_carymoor_1516_10.JPG Pupil Leaders

Litter is no laughing matter. Our Eco Warriors have been campaigning for pupils to take greater care when disposing of rubbish at school.

Not only do they feel that they need to remind pupils to use bins for their litter, they are also promoting recycling and asking children to sort their rubbish before disposing of it.

Stanbridge Litter Pick!

Added 31st March 2017

eco_warriors_3_1617.JPG eco_warriors_4_1617.JPG eco_warriors_5_1617.JPG

On Tuesday 4th April, some of the Eco-Warriors took part in a lunchtime sort-it session!

They had the responsibility of sorting other children’s packed lunch rubbish into 3 different bins; recycling, food waste and general waste. The Eco-Warriors were very good at recognising where the different rubbish should go!

Lunchtime Sort-it!

Added 31st March 2017


They found that there was a very similar amount of rubbish in each of the bins by the end of the sort-it session and we had a discussion about what we could do as a school to help reduce the amount of general waste thrown away each day.

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eco_warriors_7_1617.JPG eco_warriors_8_1617.JPG

The Eco Warriors decided to lead by example and set about tackling the litter across the school site with a litter pick. They also spent lunchtime in the dinner hall, reminding children about what items can be recycled such as plastic, tetra packs and paper.


At our PTA events, we will also be ensuring we recycle more and Miss Downes, who leads the Eco Team, has ordered some new recycling bins to remind everyone that we need to reduce, reuse and recycle at our school.


Well done Eco Warriors on this great work to keep our site litter free and eco friendly.

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