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We are very proud of all the clubs here at Stanbridge Primary. They cover many different sports and activities, catering for all year groups and all abilities. If you see a particular club you would like to take part in, then why not speak to your class teacher for more information? If you are already a club member, why not mention how brilliant it is to your friends?

Here at Stanbridge, we have a wide range of School Clubs...

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Football Report - Tournament held on 23rd November - 6th December ‘16

Football Report - Tournament held on 23rd November - 6th December ‘16

Club Booking for next Academic Year 2016/17 - 9th November ‘16

Glee Club - Clifton Cathedral Carol Service - 4th November ‘16

Glee Club - Christmas Fair - 4th November ‘16


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Badminton Buddies
On 4th April ‘17, 12 children from Stanbridge took part in a fun badminton festival. There were two other schools, Wick Primary and Pucklechurch Primary. Stanbridge had three teams.

As soon as we got there, we sat down and got told what to do. There were 7 different activities so every team always got to play. All the mini games were fun and well organised. All the games had points for how well you played. In the end, they added up the scores and announced them.

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Hockey Heroes

We are so proud of our hockey heroes:  Anna H, Chloe F, Max B and Findlay S! They took part in a local hockey tournament and came third!

All three Stanbridge teams won bronze, silver and gold. What an amazing result for our teams at this exciting event!

Year 6 Cricket Team
On Friday 16th June, the Stanbridge Year 6 cricket team (Findlay, Max, Charlie B, Charlie H, Alfie, Amir, Josh and Awais) went to Hanham Cricket Club for a cricket tournament.

Stanbridge's first game was against Longwell Green and they won quite comfortably. The second game was against a very good team in Hanham Abbots A. Stanbridge put up a good fight but fell to a 50 run defeat after a valiant effort.

Stanbridge then played Hanham Abbots B in the 3rd/4th place play off and won easily, going home with a 3rd place finish.

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Summer Olympiad
On Thursday 22nd June, a hand full of determined pupils (Years 3 to 6) competed in an athletic event against around 10 other schools. Although Stanbridge didn't win, we all tried our hardest, never gave up and persevered. We worked great as a team and supported each other in all of our activities.


To start the events off, a few people were chosen to take part in relay race heats whilst everyone else, tensely watched on the side line and supported them. Lara (Year 3) kicked the race off quickly and Ethan (Year 6) ended the race putting in 100% effort and making us go through to the finals!

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When we got there, all of us participated in a parade which represented our school. Walking with pride, we shouted some of the most well-known Stanbridge chants making us the loudest! After that, it was our field events: long jump, shot-put, javelin and triple-jump which was challenging but they all tried their hardest. This resulted in that Charlie (Year 6) came 1st in shot-put.


Then, it was onto the running races: 200m, 75m and 600m. Slowly, one by one, the pupils ran their races with full concentration. Anna (Year 6) came 3rd in the 75m sprint putting her through to the final, Ethan (Year 6) came 3rd in the 75m sprint putting him through to the final and many others got through to the final: Callum (Year 4), Charlie (Year 6) and Demarche (Year 3). Also Amy, Aaron, Isabel and Alfie ran the 600m which tired them out. 


Finally, it came to the intense finals. Everyone was watching nervously hoping for the best. First it was the 75m. Crossing the finish line. Demarche realised that he came 1st bringing us back our first medal.  Charlie came 1st in shot-put  and 2nd in 200m standing proudly on the platform.

olympiad_1617_02.JPG olympiad_1617_03.JPG olympiad_1617_04.JPG olympiad_1617_05.JPG olympiad_1617_06.JPG olympiad_1617_07.JPG olympiad_1617_08.JPG olympiad_1617_09.JPG olympiad_1617_10.JPG olympiad_1617_11.JPG

Tennis Teams
On Tuesday 20th June, we went to Rodway Hill Tennis Club and played a school tennis tournament. We played some hard teams and won the majority of our games and the competition!

We are now in the next round at Bath University on 5th July. 



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tennis_1617_02.JPG y6_cricket_1617_02.PNG y6_cricket_1617_03.PNG y6_cricket_1617_01.PNG

06.09.18: All Terms

Clubs Overview 18/19

Stanbridge Gardening Club  (06.02.18)
Some children have been involved in our Gardening Club and they have been very busy!

They have been planting winter bulbs, making composters, creating bug hotels and bird feeders, litter picking around the school grounds and decorating pebbles to make our very own Stanbridge rocks!

Here are some pictures of their great work!

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gardening_1718_01.jpg gardening_1718_02.jpg gardening_1718_03.jpg gardening_1718_04.jpg